What We Saw on the Set of Halloween II


And what you didn’t get in theaters!

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen Halloween II and do not want the ending ruined for you, do not read the following…

Squad cars are parked haphazardly in a field. They surround a remote shack. Red and blue lights cutting through the night. An overturned car is on fire near the road behind them. Cops have their guns trained on the shack. Brad Dourif as Sheriff Brackett is here, his gray hair blowing from the down draft of the police helicopter hovering in the sky above. Its spotlight blasts down on the scene.

Then, two figures burst violently out of the wall of the shack, in an explosion of splintering wood, and out in the open night, captured in the headlights of the surrounding cars. Once the dust settles we see their identities. It’s Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) and Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell), face-to-face again. The latter regains his footing and claws at the battered mask of his former patient. “Michael, no!” he yelps.

Myers thrusts the blade he holds in his hand into Loomis’ gut. “Die!” the killer growls. Loomis collapses and from somewhere in the field, “Cut!” is called. Writer-director Rob Zombie rushes down to his two actors while the crew of Halloween II re-set the scene.

When ShockTillYouDrop.com visited the set of Dimension Films’ sequel earlier this year, we saw the aforementioned scene play out, however, because of the nature of what was happening in it…I couldn’t say a thing about it. Not only because it comes in at the end of the film but because it reveals a.) the death of a key character and b.) showed Myers speaking. But now that Halloween II is in theaters, it’s fair game.

If you’ve seen the film, however, you’ll know this didn’t make the cut. Zombie is known for shooting heavy. Picking up shots on the fly. Toying with alternate takes on a scene. So, it’s really no surprise the “shack showdown” was tweaked and fine-tuned. It is interesting, however, to see that Zombie was flirting with the idea of having Myers speak, albeit briefly. Perhaps it will wind up on the director’s cut DVD.

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Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor