The Revenant


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David Anders as Bart

Louis Griffiths as Janet

Chris Wylde as Joey

Jacy King as Matty

Directed by Kerry Prior


Director Kerry Prior has had an interesting career over the years and although you may not know his name, you know his work.

A few projects you most certainly have heard of include A Nightmare on Elm Street parts 3 and 4, The Lost Boys, The Blob, The Abyss, the Phantasm series and Bubba Ho-Tep. So, we know he can do FX, the real question is, can the guy write and direct?

Back in ’96 Prior directed Roadkill and admittedly I have not seen it so I can’t say jack about it. What I can tell you is that The Revenant is a fantastic genre film that is shot so incredibly well that you almost forget that this isn’t the latest big studio-backed title.

Officer First Class Bart Gregory (David Anders) is killed in a skirmish in the Middle East and his body is brought home for burial. His girlfriend Janet (Louise Griffths) his best friend Joey (Chris Wylde) and their Wiccan nurse friend Matty (Jacy King) all mourn his passing, but not for long. It just so happens that Bart has come back to life as a Revenant and he feels that he may have a second chance at life. Unfortunately for Bart, Joey seems to want to do nothing but party, and things get out of hand when they both discover that Bart needs a steady and daily intake of human blood or else he will continue to decompose.

It is incredibly difficult to write comedy and maybe more so when writing a horror-comedy but Prior achieves both in spades. The film also succeeds in effectively letting you get comfortable with the characters and sympathizing with them. Even though Bart is undead, the general feeling I had when watching it was that this all seems rather…plausible!

Eventually the two hit a snag and Bart must face a definite moral dilemma. Can he do what he needs to survive? Will he lose all remnants of his humanity? Why is Joey enjoying all this? At the end I felt a little conflicted but more importantly I enjoyed it. Aside from some scenes that lingered on for far too long, Prior has crafted a fantastic film that is sure to please fans of horror and comedy alike.