Update On Hammer Films’ Slate


Invasion of Privacy wraps, Wake Wood dropped

What’s the latest on Hammer Films since the coming announced its return? Good question. The house of horror lined up a few feature film productions and the updates on them have been sporadic at best.

The last we heard from Invasion of Privacy – starring Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan – was when Christopher Lee joined the cast, his first Hammer production since starring in To the Devil a Daughter.

Shooting wrapped last month on the film and we have an lengthy synopsis to share. Lee also sat down for a video interview while on set, you can watch that here.

Every year, several million single women in America move into an apartment for the first time. They don’t know who lived in the apartment before them, they don’t know their landlords, and they don’t bother to change the locks. This is the story of one such woman…

After separating from her husband, the beautiful and young Dr. Juliet Dermer moves to Brooklyn, NY and settles into a new life in a stunning and spacious loft apartment that seems too good to be true. It is…

Mysterious occurrences lead her to suspect that she is not alone in her home and quickly her fears become all too real. In a chilling revelation, she discovers that her seemingly charming, young landlord, Max, has developed a dangerous obsession with her. A terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues as Juliet fights to free herself from Max’s sinister intentions.

Now, here is where things get interesting. It appears another Hammer production, The Wake Wood, is no longer a part of the Hammer family. The title has been removed from the company’s official site and now appears to have been kicked by to Hammer’s parent company Exclusive Media Group. Not sure why. EMG has a photo gallery up – more images than we’ve seen to date here.

It’s possible Hammer felt The Wake Wood was not right for the brand. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

Source: Official Site