Get Ready to Rumble With Final Destination


Coming in 3-D and…D-Box

The Final Destination is stepping up its game on August 28, featuring not one gimmick but two when it arrives.

D-BOX Technologies Inc. announced today that it will feature the world premiere of the first public screening of a 3-D film with D-BOX Motion Code technology with New Line’s The Final Destination.

This is the first time D-BOX’s immersive technology will be combined with 3-D technology, offering moviegoers the opportunity to enjoy an unparalleled cinematic experience where they can watch the action in three dimensions and live the extraordinary sensations of onscreen action. D-BOX’s motion-enhanced seating provide an unmatched, realistic and immersive experience, utilizing refined subtle motion effects that work in perfect sync with the onscreen action.

Thriller sequel Final Destination is the first 3-D movie to feature D-BOX Motion technology and is the first movie with New Line Cinema to be incorporating D-BOX Motion Code.

“We are truly excited to offer moviegoers the ultimate cinema experience by combining for the first time ever 3-D and D-BOX Motion technology,” said Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies. “Our technology is such a great complement to 3-D to provide an incomparable immersive movie-going experience.”

D-BOX is currently in seven North American cinemas – the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood, California; UltraStar Cinemas in Surprise, Arizona; Mall of America Theatres in Bloomington, Minnesota; Galaxy Highland Theatres in Austin, Texas and most recently, Galaxy Cannery in Las Vegas, Nevada and UltraStar Cinemas in Apple Valley, California. D-BOX recently made its entrance into Canada at Toronto’s Cineplex Odeon Queensway.