Trailer for Takashi Shimizu’s Shock Labyrinth


A house of horrors in 3-D

Takashi Shimizu, known for his work on the Ju-On series and Marebito, is back with Shock Labyrinth, an Asmik Ace Entertainment production lensed in 3-D. The film was announced at the beginning of the summer and already a release date has been set for this September.

Based on an original screenplay by Daisuke Hosaka, the horror-thriller follows a group of teenagers dealing with the sudden return of a friend who went missing a decade ago. When the friend falls ill, they take her to a hospital but end up trapped in a labyrinthine haunted house.

An official site is now live and it’s actually more impressive than the teaser trailer it hosts. Head right here to view it!

Source: Official Site