Underworld 4 to Spark New Trilogy?


Selene might be back in focus

There seems to be two big trends in horror now. 3-D and the term “new trilogy.”

The latter is being applied to Dimension Films’ Scream franchise and its forthcoming chapters. Resident Evil: Afterlife will not only be in 3-D but, according to director Paul W.S. Anderson, will pave the way for a second trilogy as well.

Following our exclusive pre-weekend news break regarding Underworld 4 – which will likely lose the number and receive a subtitle as the other sequels have done – I did a bit of poking around to scrape up a few more details and was hit back with some info from a number of sources. According to my tipsters, Screen Gems is eager to carry on Selene’s story through three new films. It’s unknown if Becksinsale, at the time of this writing, has officially signed up to reprise her role as the Death Dealer.

Tatopoulos will not be returning behind the camera. He’s at work on Non-Stop and I, Frankenstein.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor