Courteney Cox is a Mom in Scream 4?


New addition to Gale and Dewey family

The evolution of Dewey and Gale’s relationship in the Scream franchise has been an interesting one. Can’t say I agreed with where it went in the third chapter, but from the sounds of it, writer Kevin Williamson is taking things to the next level for the pair in Scream 4 and the “new trilogy” he’s fashioning.

Courteney Cox recently revealed during a press conference that Gale Weathers “has a kid now” and is indeed married to Dewey, essayed again by David Arquette (her real life husband). And, as it has been revealed earlier, Dewey is a sheriff. “I heard the idea for Scream 4, and it’s fantastic,” the actress said.

The idea of a kid scares the hell out of me. Will it be an infant? Maybe, in that case, I’m not so worried. But, a mischievous ten-year-old? That could spell trouble.

Williamson is at work writing the script while overseeing the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. If all goes according to plan, Scream 4 should start rolling cameras next year…that is, if the cast doesn’t blow the entire story beforehand thus negating any need to see the film at all.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire