Crow Creator Talks Upcoming Projects


Pursuing 11 minutes of Lee footage

James O’Barr, creator of “The Crow,” dropped in on the Chicago Comic-Con over the weekend and reader, Chris, wrote in with a brief report on what the man is up to.

“He’s working on two new comics. ‘The Ride’ will feature a story revolving around a car chase between a late ’60s Camaro and a Cuda. The other comic, which is being fully painted, is titled ‘Sundown in Hell’ and is being touted as a vampire western.

A 20th anniversary edition ‘Crow’ comic was scheduled to be released this year, but is now being planned for sometime early next year. James stated that when he was working on the original ‘Crow,’ some 32 pages of material had been cut. This new edition will feature that material.

In regards to ‘The Crow’ movie, he still keeps in touch with Alex Proyas and mentioned that 11 minutes of footage had been cut from the film, as it had originally received an X rating. James said that most of those 11 minutes featured Brandon Lee. James mentioned that Alex has been talking with the studios to access that material.”

Source: Chris Congiardo