The Trailer for Fruit Chan’s Don’t Look Up


Based on Hideo Nakata’s tale

Our reps at Distant Horizon have passed along a gleefully grotesque trailer for Don’t Look Up, director Fruit Chan’s English-language supernatural thriller based on Hideo Nakata’s tale “Joyurei.” The following preview might have you look at childbirth in an entirely new light from now on and shows off more FX gags than you would expect.

Don’t Look Up concerns a young horror film director’s sensitivity to paranormal visions which sends him on a spiraling descent into madness that threatens his life and that of his crew. On location in the decrepit, abandoned former Transylvania Film Studios, the characters of the medieval Romanian folk tale he is attempting to adapt to film appear to come to life, opening a portal in which horrifying deeds from the past begin to recur.

Henry Thomas, Reshad Strik, Carmen Chaplin, Kevin Corrigan and Zelda Williams star. Even Eli Roth shows up for a cameo. We’ll keep you posted when we hear of release news.