Today! Chat With The Director of The Collector!


And the writer and NIN’s drummer

The Collector‘s Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are going to be participating in a video chat on Facebook this afternoon. They’ll be joined by composer, and former Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon. The chat begins at 1pm PST.

Here is how to participate:

1) Today at 1:00pm PST, log into Facebook and click here:

2) Type in your questions to Jerome Dillon, Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton on the chat box at the bottom of the screen.

3) You will see everyone’s questions and what everyone is saying in real time.

4) Jerome Dillon, Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton will be answering your questions in the video player.

For our interview with Dunstan and Melton, follow this link!