Michael Cunningham Talks About His Beautiful Girl


Hours helmer a big horror fan

Beautiful Girl is a new horror film on the way from Screen Gems and writer-director Michael Cunningham. It’s an unusual turn for Cunningham who’s credits include The Hours. He’s also the author of “Specimen Days” and the upcoming “Olympia.” EW sat down with Cunningham recently and they got to chatting about Beautiful Girl and why he chose to do this tale of an English teacher who exacts revenge on those who torment a student he has a crush on.

“Actually, I’ve always been a huge fan of horror films,” he said. “I’ve seen all the horror movies. I have no limits when it comes to that. I’ve seen all the Saw movies. Do you know the writer Amy Hempel? She and I will go to any hack-’em-up movie, the gorier the better. So the genre has always appealed to me. Now, I should say that I have the highest respect for those who teach English literature, particularly in high school. But this individual is just a psycho.”

Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher are producing the film through their Red Wagon banner.

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Source: EW