Williamson’s Update on New Scream Trilogy


Dewey is moving up in the ranks

Work on the new Scream trilogy is slowly underway and Kevin Williamson is being mighty coy about the story details.

The screenwriter has spent the last two weeks promoting the upcoming CW series Vampire Diaries, which he’s involved with, and our colleagues have tried their best to get the latest on the rebirth of the horror series. Our own critic Peter Brown recently talked to the man on behalf of IF Magazine. And while there was nothing too “new” to be revealed, Williamson slips that Deputy Dewey (as played by returning actor David Arquette) is now going to be a sheriff.

“I’m going to finish the script in the next couple of months and then we’ll start the project,” he says. “It depends on the hiatus schedule and then we’ll get in serious talks with [original trilogy director] Wes [Craven] and what his schedule is like. Then the Vampire Diaries – I’m committed to this and I have another show at ABC that nobody knows about. That could come in and change everything.”

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Source: IF Magazine