First Pics from Slime City Massacre


The sequel to the ’88 cult film

Slime City Massacre has officially wrapped production and actor Lee Perkins has supplied us with two looks at the upcoming sequel directed by Gregory Lamberson and produced by Marc Makowski, the team behind the original 1988 Slime City. In the film, Perkins plays Mason.

“My hats off the SFX guys who did all the slime work,” he tells us. “It was top of the line! Check out the background in the shots. The location was built right before the depression in the ’30s. It would take over 50 million to recreate this atmosphere.”

Mason is one of four squatters trying to survive in New York City after a terrorist attack brings down the financial system. The squatters discover a supply of strange wine in the ruins of a soup kitchen which turns them into hideous slime creatures driven to murderous acts.

horror writer John Maclay, Tommy Sweeney and actress Lewis.