Sorority Row Babes Talk Up “R” Rating


Blood, boobs and bodies

When you talk to the cast of Sorority Row you’re bombarded with information…all at once. The gals love to chat and when this writer caught up with them recently to learn more about the remake of the ’80s film they star in, I found them incredibly excited about the fact that the Stewart Hendler-directed redo was rated R.

“You really see all of the deaths happen,” says Briana Evigan. “There’s bad language, there’s nudity. It’s like Scream, too, and what I love about it is that I went back and watched Scream when we were filming this and that film is so old school compared to this. Everything looks so real now, technology.”

Margo Harshman agrees, “The deaths in this are pretty nasty. We watched it recently and I got nauseous.”

“We are a hard R in every way,” interjects Leah Pipes. “These deaths are gruesome. The humor is for an older crowd, I think. The younger crowd, if they sneak in, will enjoy it but the humor is definitely mature.”

Speaking of body count, I asked the cast about distributor Summit Entertainment’s one-sheet for the film. Was it a strategic photo shop job or were the girls asked to pile up on one another? Definitely the latter. Audrina Patridge teases, “You should have seen us at that photo shoot. It was crazy!”

“And there are a pile of girls in this movie, so enjoy!” enthuses Pipes. For our full report from the set, read part one and part two.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor