Panabaker Describes Alternate Friday the 13th Kill


Mourns loss of Mr. Brooks trilogy

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

Danielle Panabaker’s life Friday the 13th would have been extended for a few more minutes in February’s reboot if the filmmakers stuck to their original plan. “The idea was that my character got out onto the bus with Jared, Amanda and Derek,” Panabaker told on the set of The Crazies where we discussed her other turns in the horror genre.

“They couldn’t get a location that worked. There was a real cute line about….I don’t know if I should use ‘cute’ to describe a ‘Friday the 13th’,” she laughed, catching herself. “I said, ‘Maybe on our next date we’ll do something a little more romantic,’ then my character gets it after this big fight involving a fire extinguisher and all of this crazy stuff. When it came to actually shooting the bus scene they decided I couldn’t be at the bus, so they had to come up with a death for me before those characters got to the bus.”

Prior to her meeting with Jason Voorhees, Panabaker played the daughter of a serial killer (and was a budding murderer of her own) in Bruce Evans’ Mr. Brooks starring Kevin Costner. The 2007 thriller was intended to launch a series of films, but due to a poor performance at the box office, those plans have been skewered. “Everybody wanted to make a trilogy,” Panabaker said. “I saw Kevin last summer and we still would love to. The idea of my character and Kevin’s character, it’d be so much fun. I think you got to see how manipulative they both are, with each other. I would have loved to have done three.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor