The Making of Chainsaw Heads to Print


Graphic novel details, art for Texas Blues

Have you ever wondered what happened behind the scenes of one of most terrifying horror films ever made? How was it actually created? What madness led to the terror that was burned on film?

Filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano is forging ahead with his take on the making of Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the graphic novel South Texas Blues.

Based on the true story (obviously), and set during the summer of 1973, STB follows a small inexperienced crew of independent filmmakers went to war, unaware of the legend they were creating. Told through the twisted mind of “Tobe,” South Texas Blues is a trip down the dark road of one man’s obsession.

Writer Christopher P. Garetano (Horror Business) spent two years researching and writing South Texas Blues and is currently developing the motion picture. Over the past year he has worked with artist Trevor Cook on the graphic novel adaptation of his original screenplay.

This title is already in full production and will be released in October. Legendary comic book artist Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing) is drawing the cover art. See some samples below!

Source: Fortuneteller Films