Producers Developing Re-Animator Remake


Herbert West…in 3-D!

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The good doctor Herbert West has defied death before and now he’s looking to make a comeback. Not in a sequel, however, but in a remake. (C’mon, don’t act surprised.) has learned producer Ray Haboush is developing a remake of Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator. Haboush operates Automatic Media and is the owner of Halcyon International Pictures. He’ll be shepherding the project with Brian Yuzna, producer of the original ’85 and director of Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator.

There have been talks in the past of a House of Re-Animator and a television series. None of which have come to fruition.

Haboush and Yuzna are looking to do the remake in 3-D. And since it’s so early in the game, there’s no word as to whether Combs would return to reprise his role, or if they’ll find someone new to slip into Herbert West’s lab coat.