Confirmed: Fifth Tremors Film in the Works


Set in the Australian outback

Update: can confirm that this is indeed happening. And it is being geared for the DVD market.

There may be a whole lotta shakin’ going on over at Universal. Cinemablend had their ears to the ground and picked up on rumblings surrounding a Tremors 5. According to their sources, the next installment will be called Tremors: The Thunder From Down Under and is set, you guessed it, in Australia. It may debut as a Universal Home Entertainment direct-to-DVD title. Seeing as the last three sequels went the same route, that sounds about right.

None of this is confirmed, however. And no names in front of or behind the camera have been announced. We would presume the team behind Stampede Entertainment would be involved in some capacity, but there is no hints at a new film on their site.

So, let’s wait and see if any of this becomes true. And if so, you Graboids fans will have a new reason to rejoice.

Source: Cinemablend,