Chain Letter Was to Be Nikki Reed’s Final Film


Twilight actress talks Twisted picture

Nikki Reed talks Chain LetterThis month Nikki Reed dons a pallid visage and runs with the vampiric Cullen clan in Twilight. Before lensing that Catherine Hardwicke adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel of the same name, the young actress wrapped Twisted Pictures’ Chain Letter, a slasher film that’s completed but in release limbo. met Reed over the weekend in Beverly Hills to chat about Twilight. And she seemed rather taken aback that we mentioned Chain.

“I’m always categorized as the ‘indie girl’ and to do that movie for me, I suppose it was challenging in a way,” she tells us. “I change my mind about whether or not I want to be an actor all the time. Right before Chain Letter, I had moved to Hawaii to go back to school because I decided I was never going to be an actor again. Then I got Chain Letter, and I thought, You know what? What a fun way to walk out of this business. To do a fun horror movie. I actually thought that. Like, Okay, this is something I haven’t done. You know, I got some other things and some other offers while I was up there and I was like, I just don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to play the bad girl anymore. I don’t want to play the seductress. I just want to go to school…and then this came along.”

And how did that experience turn out? “There was no sexiness [to my character]. Just a smart girl. I wore my glasses. I don’t know. It could be really bad. It could be really entertaining. It could be scary, which means good in the horror genre. I honestly don’t know.”

In Chain Letter, Deon Taylor writes and directs a tale about what happens to a group of teens who fail to pass along a chain letter. Hint: A chain-wielding maniac hunts ’em down. The Hills Have Eyes‘ Michael Bailey Smith plays the heavy. Noah Segan, Keith David and Betsy Russell co-star.

Reed says that it was while she was filming Chain, an offer to be in Twilight came along. “I read the books and decided I wanted to do it.”

We’ll keep you posted as Chain Letter release news firms up.