Yuzna Goes 3-D With Three Picture Slate


All being made in Indonesia

Brian Yuzna (of the Re-Animator series) will produce three 3-D pictures under his new production shingle Komodo Film. Production begins early next year in Indonesia.

The first to go before the camera is Amphibious, about a giant sea scorpion. Yuzna is directing from a script he co-wrote with John Penney. Necronauts, “a journey into the realm of death,” is next. Brett Leonard is at the helm working from a script by novelist Terry Bisson. In addition to directing The Lawnmower Man, Leonard has amassed a sizable resume of IMAX 3-D pictures.

And last, but not least, Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil is heading back behind the camera for a project that seems out of the norm for him: Cold Blooded, a story about vacationing Americans stranded on an island full of man-eating Komodo dragons.

We guess this means his long-mooted Vacation, starring Bruce Campbell, is still on hold. (See our last update in 2007 here.)

All three will shoot in English, with low budgets made possible by use of mixed crews comprising international heads of department and local tech staff and talent; Yuzna established Fantastic Factory in Spain using a similar approach.

Source: Variety