AFM ’08: Promo & First Photo from Don’t Look Up


Fruit Chan’s first English language film

Three…Extremes contributor Fruit Chan (Dumplings) is currently in post-production on the English language horror film Don’t Look Up. Direct from the American Film Market, some promo artwork and a the first official photo for the film floated our way.

This one boasts an ensemble cast and even finds Eli (I’m going to be an actor now) Roth turning up for a role. Reshad Strik, Henry Thomas, Carmen Chaplin, Kevin Corrigan and Zelda Williams round out the lineup. Set in an abandoned film studio from another era, Don’t Look Up charts the unraveling sanity of a director and his crew when spirits from that bygone era invade the film stock of the contemporary production and, in a few stark frames, open a horrifying window on a terrible curse from the past.

Chan’s latest is based on a film directed by Ringu‘s Hideo Nakata.

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