AFM ’08: Frisky Kitty Gets Fierce in Catwalk


Directed by Waxwork‘s Anthony Hickox

Anthony Hickox (Waxwork, Hellraiser III) is heading back into the director’s chair for Catwalk and we’ve got some sales art (left and below) from the American Film Market to share with you. Hickox co-wrote the script, set in the fashion world, with Peter Atkins (another Hellraiser III vet).

Julia Verdin will produce for Seven Arts International.

Julie Ordon, Kevin McKidd (Dog Soldiers, Rome), Danny Dyer (Severance) and Kevin Zegers (Wrong Turn) will star in a story that bleeds into Cat People territory: As a fourth supermodel falls victim to a crazed, brutal killer, the city is gripped by horror, speculation and fear. But vying for the fashion world’s attention is a stunning young woman called Basia (Ordon). Causing a stir wherever she goes, this young star-in-the-making is soon drawn into a world of glamor and excess. As this whirlwind of fame and romance starts to threaten her sense of identity, she moves closer to discovering far darker secrets about who – or what – she really is.

Catwalk is currently in pre-production.

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