A Note About Forrest J. Ackerman


Bidding farewell to his nieces and nephews

Word spread over the Halloween weekend about the condition of Forrest J. Ackerman. Sad news, really. It appears Forry may be leaving his children of Famous Monsters of Filmland soon and, right now, those who have been touched by his enthusiasm for genre cinema – from industry pros to journalists, like myself, who were inspired by him – are coming to his bedside.

Tim Sullivan wrote in to us yesterday with the following: Just wanted to let you know that our dear beloved Uncle Forry is ready to “move on” and has been bidding farewell to his “nieces and nephews”.

I honestly believe he has been hanging on much longer than he would have liked to, hanging on more for us than himself.

After being diagnosed with congestive heart failure, he requested no further treatment and asked to be allowed to “say goodbye”.

And from Forry’s caretaker, Joe Moe: Just let any fans know that he is lucid, resting peacefully, in complete charge of his life, and happy about the wonderful things he’s seen and done these 92 years. Let them know I’m looking after him the way they would if they could be here.

Fans are encouraged to write Forry at:


4511 Russell Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor