Teaser Trailer, Posters for Norwegian Dead Snow


Nazi zombies rise again

Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola shifts gears from comedy to horror in Dead Snow (or, Dod Sno). The director of Kill Buljo: The Movie (a Kill Bill satire) sets the undead – Nazi undead at that! – loose on his home turf. Vacationers. Snow. Snowmobiles. Zombies. Sure, it sounds like Shockwaves on ice, but we’ll give it a look.

Wirkola lensed his zombie opus on a 42 day shooting schedule and $14 million budget. You can see the (rotten) fruits of his labors in a new teaser trailer now live on the official site. Below are three teaser posters.

Dead Snow opens in Norway in January. It does not have a U.S. distributor yet.

Watch the teaser trailer now!

Source: Official Site