Screamfest ’08: Keepsake, Collective Trailers


Screening Oct. 14th & 16th

A pair of previews for two entries at this year’s Screamfest Horror Film Festival (October 10th – 19th) made their way online.

Up first is Keepsake, which comes highly recommended from fest head Rachel Belofsky (interview). It’s the survival horror story of a woman who breaks down on the highway and becomes imprisoned in someone’s basement. Then there’s The Collective a supernatural thriller about a young woman in New York City looking for her missing sister. Her investigation takes her into a world of darkness and lies, the underbelly of a spiritually depraved community living in a deconsecrated cathedral.

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Watch the trailer for “Keepsake”!

Keepsake – Trailer

Watch the trailer for “The Collective”!

Source: Screamfest