Bloody Valentine Teaser Poster Toned Down


Official American version released

When Lionsgate began passing out teaser posters for its January release My Bloody Valentine 3-D, we hit the studio up for a hi-res version. Our rep told us the image wasn’t officially approved by the MPAA for U.S. consumption.

Then the UK entertainment ‘zine Empire got a clean look at the teaser – you can see it here.

Today, Lionsgate released the U.S. version. Upon first glance, one is quick to think it’s exactly the same. No sir. It’s not. The smeared heart has been bumped down in saturation so it no longer implies it’s blood you see. Do a comparison between the UK and the U.S. release, you’ll notice a distinct difference.

Our guess is that this alteration was made to meet MPAA demands. Blood is not favored on one-sheets by the censors. The studio’s marketing department took an approach so many directors take to skirt an NC-17 rating: Make the blood look less like blood.

In this case, are we to presume it’s not blood at all but maybe…chocolate? Mmm, bloody chocolate.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D opens in theaters on January 16th and stars Jaime King, Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith.

Click below for a hi-res version!

Source: Lionsgate