Guttenberg & Cast Talk Cornered


Director hails touch of humor

The gang behind Cornered!, including actor Steve Guttenberg, offered up some quotes about the making of the film, which we first told you about here.

First and foremost, viewers must be able to enjoy a movie, regardless of gore or dark undertones,” explains director Daniel Maze. “That’s why we added unexpected humor to Cornered! and married it with a strong plot.”

The horror movie features a serial killer, who targets Los Angeles convenience stores, torturing and murdering victims in creative ways and then stealing surveillance tapes as trophies.

In the movie, everyone is talking about the sensational series of crimes. At a downtown liquor store, a beer delivery man, MORTY (Steve Guttenberg), his motley friends and the store owner, Steve (Eduardo Garcia), fantasize about catching the killer…and snagging a $500,000 reward.

“It was fun, creative and it was something I got to do that I have never done before,” says Steve Guttenberg, who stars as Morty. “I’m happy to be here and make it work.”

Confident that the liquor store is safe and secure, Steve and his poker buddies – Jimmy (James Duval), Jess (Elizabeth Nicole), Donny (Peter Story) and Mona (Ellia English), lock themselves in and settle down for their nightly game.

“Everyone here is really excited about the project, this character was fun to play,” says Duval.

The horror movie’s drunken fun quickly turns into heinous murder and players begin to disappear one by one. Their only hope for outside help is eliminated when the resident bum, Jacko (David Jean Thomas), is gruesomely killed. The movie begs the question – can the dwindling number of survivors stop the killer before he finds the basement filled with butcher’s tools and puts them to his demonic use?

Daniel Maze, a Belgian film artist and film production company owner, who has a state-of-the-art FX house near Brussels, plans to open shop in Hollywood in 2009, and has other projects in the works.

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