How Can You Get the Repo! Soundtrack?


Genetic Opera defeats more obstacles

It’s no secret. The studio releasing Repo! The Genetic Opera, in this case Lionsgate, is doing little to spread the word about Darren Bousman’s horror rock musical. This in spite of the rabid response at events like the recent Fantastic Fest.

The same can be said for the forthcoming soundtrack which is released next Tuesday, September 30th. All the hype surrounding the CD is from the fans and Repo‘s commander Bousman who is leading the charge with very little advertising support.

This morning Bousman reports via his MySpace blog that the soundtrack “was 130 most preordered CD. Now 130 might seem like nothing to a lot, but for us it’s huge!”

There are three ways to get the album. You can pre-order it through Amazon right here, download it digitally at, or, according to Bousman “You can Text ‘REPOCD’ to ‘262966’ – that spells ‘Amazon’ on your keypad.” This will allow you to pre-order the CD through Amazon.

Shock is off to a CD listening party tonight with the cast and crew of the film tonight, we’ll report back soon!