Moseley Digs Graves Experience


Feature debut from Lady Death creator

Bill Moseley tells he had a blast starring in Brian Pulido’s directorial feature debut The Graves.

“I get to play a character that’s got some feelings of Chop-Top [from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2] and Quinn from Crash and Burn,” he says. “It was just fun to run around and snort desert dust.” Anything else? “Well, and I get to chase hot girls, you can’t beat that.”

In Graves, Moseley plays Caleb Atwood, one of the many scoundrels actresses Clare Grant and Jillian Murray (the titular Graves sisters) come across when they roll into a remote mining town.

“Brian seemed very relaxed,” Moseley says of the film’s helmer, known to the comic book world for his time at Chaos! Comics and characters such as Lady Death and Evil Ernie. “He knew what he wanted and obviously has a visual eye for things so that made it fun. Having that active imagination he has kept him open to different ideas. When it becomes a collaboration like that, your imagination is encouraged.”

The Graves, also starring Tony Todd and Amanda Wyss, is currently in post-production.