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Choose your own adventure in Outbreak

The following press release gobbled up some space in our in-box this morning. It concerns a new on-line series you zombie nuts might dig:

Who hasn’t watched a horror film and yelled at the characters, “Don’t do that!” or “You idiot, don’t go there!”

With “The Outbreak,” viewers can stop yelling — and start screaming in the characters’ bloodied shoes. Located at, the interactive horror short lets viewers make key decisions for the characters, with immediate results.

For example, in one scene a character breaks a leg while fleeing from zombies. The action freezes and the viewer is presented with a choice: “save her” or “leave her.” Make the right choice, and the film continues on, where you are faced with even more critical choices. Make the wrong decision, and the viewer gets one final scene before the words “YOU DIE” appear on screen. But just like the zombies, viewers don’t have to stay dead forever. They can start the film over, or click on a chapter menu to see their film path to that point. They can then re-play a scene and change their minds. The total length of the film, all options included, is 17 minutes.

“The Outbreak” was brought to life by Chris and Lynn Lund, who runs the Portland, Oregon web design-and-animation studio SilkTricky. Chris directed while Lynn produced. The two also created the interactive website.

“We usually create websites and motion graphics for our clients, but wanted to show what we could do with interactive film,” says Lynn.

Adds Chris, “I got to work with some of my best friends, and a ton of incredibly talented pros. We love the genre, but wanted to try something completely different and apply what we know about online experiences to film.”

“The Outbreak” was filmed over 6 days in and around Portland, Oregon, using local actors and crew. The entire production was self-funded. The Lunds plan to use “The Outbreak” to showcase their talents beyond web design and maybe even gain some corporate sponsors for their next production. Another horror film?

“Hopefully something less bloody,” says Lynn, who also supervised the film’s wardrobe. “Maybe a romantic comedy?”

Source: SilkTricky