Fright Night: Special Edition DVD Close?


Production team at reunion screening

Cast and crew members from Fright Night sat before a sold-out crowd at the NuArt Theater in Los Angeles last night to reminisce about the 1985 horror film. And yes, there was a DVD crew in attendance documenting the Q&A led by moderator Tim Sullivan.

What’s the word on the street about a long-awaited Fright Night special edition DVD? Well, there is a production team currently gathering up bonus features.

Those I talked to last night danced around who’s behind it, but according to some sources, Sony is not producing the disc. Instead, another distributor – one known for years for taking genre titles under their wings (and are now getting into acquisitions and original content) – is possibly getting involved: Anchor Bay.

Another source told me there are some deals that need to be firmed up before celebrations can begin, but fans should keep their fingers crossed.

I’ve had mine crossed since Sony dropped a bare-bones Fright Night disc on my lap in ’99.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor