Remake Happens In the Playground


Now it’s their turn to play

Reported on the IMDB, and confirmed by Filmax Int’l, director David Alcalde is co-writing In the Playground with David Munoz for Filmax and Gold Circle Films. Pic is a redo of Narciso Ibáñez Serrador’s 1976 film Who Can Kill a Child?. Reportedly, Diego Luna (Vampires: Los Muertos) is attached to star. Julio Fernández will produce. Here’s a synopsis provided by Filmax:

An English couple and a photographer head off for their holidays to La Isla Verde, a remote Mexican island, in the hope that Paul can finish the children´s book that he´s writing.

On arrival, they’re perturbed to discover that they are the only adults on the island. The town where they´ve landed is inhabited only by children, who silently stare at them with eerie smiles.

What is happening on this island? The grown ups are about to discover that these youngsters are possessed by a kind of madness that makes them kill all adults. Now, they’re determined to prevent the these accidental tourists from ever getting off the island alive…

My question is: If evil kids are still hip in the genre, why is no one pursuing a remake of Devil Times Five?

Source: Filmax, IMDB