DVD Art, Details for Devil’s Mercy


Starring Stephen Rea

Peace Arch Home Entertainment announced the DVD release of The Devil’s Mercy.

Directed by Melanie Orr (Harm’s Way) and starring Stephen Rea (V for Vendetta), Hannah Lochner (Dawn of the Dead) and Deborah Valente (Resident Evil: Apocalypse), The Devil’s Mercy unmasks the evils that can lie hidden behind a white suburban picket fence. The film will be released on DVD on October 7, 2008.

The requisite plot crunch: When Beth and Matt Winters discover a beautifully renovated apartment in an old Connecticut house it seems too good to be true. Their new downstairs neighbor, Tyler Grant (Rea), has a niece named Kayla who seems to be a perfect playmate for the Winters’ six-year-old son Calvin. When Calvin becomes increasingly restless around the Grants and tells his mother there are monsters in the house, Beth dismisses it as just her son’s active imagination but soon has to face the fact that there may be something sinister going on within their perfect house.

Bonus features include a making-of featurette, photo gallery and trailer.

Source: Peace Arch Entertainment