Site Hosts Child’s Play Director Commentary


What you won’t find on the DVD

Child’s Play fans were left scratching their heads last week over the lack of director commentary on MGM’s Child’s Play: Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition.

To be fair, after having listened to producer David Kirschner and Don Mancini’s track you might venture to guess why Tom Holland was excluded from Chucky’s party. Kirschner hints at friction and, reportedly, he went head-to-head with Holland many times over creative differences. Still, a separate Holland track would have been welcome. It’s not like the disc’s producers needed to sandwich the guys into a recording booth for a commentary…

Well, Icons of Fright approached Holland about a commentary and the director happily sat down with moderator Tim Sullivan to talk Child’s Play. The track is now available in a free MP3 format which you can download right here.


Source: Icons of Fright