My Bloody Valentine Sequel Chat


Remake about to go before the MPAA

Horrorhound Magazine scribe Eric Newell recently talked with Patrick Lussier about his upcoming January 16th release My Bloody Valentine 3-D. The inevitable sequel talk came up.

“I think I’d be lying if I said Todd [Farmer] and I haven’t had several conversations about it,” says Lussier. “You know one of the things that we’ve really enjoyed in this process was the fact that we had such a great cast…or the fact that the characters that survive and how they survive at the end of the story, are incredibly intriguing. There is such an amazingly iconic villain [also]. All those things entice both Todd and I tremendously. And if we were to be so lucky, knock on wood, by all means we would love to be considered for that.”

The director adds he’s about to submit the picture to the MPAA for a rating soon and hopes it does face unkind cuts like the original film did. And following up on our trailer scoop, Lussier suspects a preview will be attached to Saw V, but that is not confirmed.

Source: Bloody Good Horror, Horrorhound Magazine