Wrestler Raven Toplines Sleeper


Action-horror film from Australia

The wrestler known as Raven (Scott Levy) is the star of Sleeper, aupcoming horror movie equipped with a heavy dose of action (naturally).

Raven plays Resnick a man imprisoned for killing a dude and kidnapping a young girl he was pining for. Locked away and isolated from the other inmates (“for their own safety”), he adapts to nocturnal habits (exercising, eating, etc.). During a midnight transfer, Resnick escapes and makes his way back to find his girl, slaughtering anyone who gets in his way. Actors Bruce Hopkins and Ty Hungerford play detectives out to stop him before the sun goes down.

“The hot girl is running from a severely obsessed, physical and intellectual giant,” Raven tells WrestlingTruth.com. “Unfortunately, he, or I, am not using my genius for good, I’m using it to stalk said female and hurt/kill anyone who gets in the way of the woman I desire. My character is so psychotic, he bit his own tongue out, preferring his communication to be all non-verbal.”

Dru Brown directed from a script he penned. Sleeper is an Seven 8 Media production, a Australia-based company Brown co-founded with Christian McCarty. Given this is an independent venture, there are no U.S. distribution plans yet, but stay tuned.

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Source: Official Site, WrestlingTruth.com