McGee’s Alice Back at the Beginning


Producer offers update on adaptation

The long-mooted screen adaptation of American McGee’s video game Alice. Here are the facts. Marcus Nispel is no longer directing. Universal Pictures is out. And no, Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t attached to star. So, what’s up? Where is it?

Producer Scott Faye is holding onto the dream, hopeful it will someday be made. He tells Kotaku original Alice scripters Jon and Erich Hoeberand are at work on a new draft and a new studio is going to announce its involvement soon.

“I love the grown up Alice in a horror story version of Wonderland, and knew instinctively that the project would have a commercial appeal easily discerned by the film studios because the character and mythology are so deeply ingrained into the collective psyche,” Faye tells the site.

Based on the PC video game release in 2000, the story picks up Alice returning to an altered and macabre Wonderland where the Queen of Hearts rules.