Former Lionsgate Exec Back on the Horror Block


Two genre projects in development

Peter Block, ex-prez at Lionsgate, officially announced the formation of his production shingle A Bigger Boat (care to guess which film inspired the moniker?). Block has set up a co-financing and distribution deal with Overture Films and Alliances Films. Combined, these companies cover North America, the U.K., Spain, Italy and Scandinavia.

So what’s he up to with Bigger Boat? Well, like his days at Lionsgate, he’s focusing on genre flicks! Right now, two are on the horizon. One is a John Carpenter thriller, the other is Dark Corners (not to be confused with the Thora Birch-starring film) written by E.L. Katz.

Block is focusing on pictures budgeted between $10-25 million and aims to get two to three flicks rolling a year. GreeneStreet Films will help him in this venture as co-producers.

Source: Variety