France Attacks! New Mutants Art


And, photos from Humains

Are you ready for the next wave of horror movies from France? Mutants, a post-apocalyptic flick from director David Morley centering on a couple trying to evade “primitive and bloodthirsty creatures.” But when one of them is bitten, things go sour. We’ve got a pair of stills and early poster art here, but Morley recently posted, via his MySpace page, a new teaser. Check it out and scroll down for more…

Also on the way is Humains by Pierre-Olivier Thévenin and Jacques-Olivier Molon. This one is about a group of researchers who venture into the Swiss Alps and fall prey to something. Photos from the film surfaced at BlairWitch, you’ll find a sampling below; for more click here!

At this time there are no U.S. distribution plans for Mutants or Humains.

Source: David Morlet,