Photo Gallery: An Evening with Cronenberg, Shore & The Fly


Promoting the upcoming opera

In anticipation of this Sunday’s unveiling of David Cronenberg’s The Fly opera in Hollywood (official site), the AFI invited the director and composer Howard Shore to introduce a screening of the ’86 remake last night. 20th Century Fox struck a new, pleasing print to play at the famous Cinerama Dome. In the lobby of the adjoining Arclight theater, a small display of conceptual models and art relating to the opera.

Cronenberg and Shore fielded questions from the evening’s moderator (a scribe from Variety who awkwardly plugged Tropic Thunder) and the crowd. When I asked Cronenberg about Fox’s interest in straight-up remake of his version of The Fly, he politely stated he knew nothing about it, however, if a new take was to be made, there’s much potential in relating the story to our current times when great strides are being made in DNA research. On another note, Cronenberg believed Dead Ringers would make an ideal opera.

Click below for a full photo gallery from the evening featuring those aforementioned Fly models and artwork!

Source: Ryan Rotten