Unstable Flick Lands Frankenhooker Vet


Making his return to horror

Frankenhooker and Street Trash actor James Lorinz has come aboard The Eternal, Unstable Ground’s upcoming indie vampire film that we first told you about here. The film will mark Lorinz’s return to the genre, his first horror-related film since the early ’90s.

“Lorinz was my first choice for the character, it was tailored for him,” says director Justin McConnell. “His performance in Frankenhooker is so acclaimed for a reason.” Lorinz will join leading man Adam Wilson.

On the FX-end Toronto-based Matthew Dewilde (Pontypool) will join art director/co-producer Kevin Hutchinson. Geoff Hill (Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead) will be spearheading the pyro and practical FX. Stunt coordinator Plato Fountidakis (Chronicles of Riddick) has also joined the team.

Source: Unstable Ground