Hi-Res DVD Art, Date, New Trailer for Shiver


From the producer of The Orphanage

Dark Sky Films passed along release details and artwork (below) for the Spanish horror movie Shiver. The Isidro Ortiz-directed thriller will street on October 28th following a limited theatrical run (details forthcoming).

A new trailer has gone live at ShiverTheFilm.com.

Produced by Alvaro Augustin (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Orphanage), Shiver tells the tale of Santi, a lonely teenager who suffers from photophobia. Santi has excessive sensitivity to light, so he is forced to move with his Mother to a far-off village in the mountains to avoid sunlight. Soon after they arrive, locals and livestock start turning up butchered and Santi becomes the main suspect. The only way to prove his innocence to the town will be to unearth the terrible secret that’s hidden deep in the woods.

Shiver will be available on DVD for the first time in Spanish with English subtitles in addition to an English language track option and will retail for $24.98.

Source: Dark Sky Films