Schroder Spoons Sci-Fi’s Hellhounds


A Greek creature feature for 2009

I remember the days when anything branded a Sci-Fi Original received zero play in the Hollywood trades. Times are different and when you got a name like Ricky (I thought it was “Rick”) Schroder involved in a project, it’s too good to ignore.

That project in question is Hellhounds, a Sci-Fi production airing next year with Schroder wearing the director’s hat. It’s not the first time the former Silver Spoons star has been at the helm. He’s done a few music videos and a flick called Black Cloud.

Hellhounds is set in 500 B.C. and follows a Greek warrior who’s out to retrieve his babe from Hades. But along the way he must do battle with the titular canines who are out to stop him. Scott Elrod is leading man charging into battle.

Lensing begins this Sunday in Romania for Muse Entertainment and S.C. Studiourile Media Pro.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter