Shiver’s Isidro Ortiz Prepping Naumón


Art from controversial adaptation

While we await the U.S. release of director Isidro Ortiz Shiver from Dark Sky Films, a bit of news has surfaced about his next effort.

The folks at Aullidos sent us a link to exclusive concept art from Ortiz’s Naumón, and although I’m not fluent in Spanish, after a little digging we learned the film is an adaptation of Belgian author Amélie Nothomb’s Sulphuric Acid. Written in 2005, the conceit of the novel stirred up some controversy. It focuses on a fictional reality show called Concentration in which people are rounded up off the street and tattooed, their fate decided by the spectators.

In Ortiz’s case, he is setting this all on a boat called Naumón. And according to Aullidos, he’s courting Asia Argento to star.

Sounds like a doozy. We’ll see if this one pans out. In the meantime…

Click below for more concept art!

Source: Aullidos