Quarantine Maze Opening at Knott’s


Part of the park’s annual “Haunt”

Southern California’s Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into Knott’s Scary Farm each October offering visitors a frightening nighttime alternative for those looking for thrills during the Halloween season.

This year, the attraction is boasting six new mazes, one of which is based on Sony Pictures’ Quarantine (set visit). Seeing as the film is set in an apartment complex overrun by tenants infected with the rabies virus, the maze has endless possibilities. The five other mazes include: The Slaughterhouse, Alien Annihilation, Labyrinth, Corn Stalkers and Club Blood.

Knott’s previously teamed with Sony for another movie-themed attraction in 2006 when it based one of its mazes on The Grudge 2 (which turned out to be better than the movie). For dates and ticket information visit UltimateHaunt.com.

Source: Knotts.com, Jon Autopsy