Who Does John Moore Want for Virulents?


Based on the Virgin Comics title

MTV’s Splash Page talked to director John Moore, who revealed that he wants Mark Wahlberg to star in Virulents, based on the Virgin Comics title. Here’s a clip:

While the film is still a ways off from starting production, when asked who he’d like to work with, Moore quickly answered, “Mark [Wahlberg]. We had a hell of a time on ‘Max Payne.’ I think he’s an actor of unlimited potential and I’d just love to go around with him again. [But] we’re not in control of these things — lots of big people with big checkbooks get to do that. If it’s going to happen, then the karma makes it happen.”

In the comic, a ragtag group of soldiers search for a lost patrol in Afghanistan. The soldiers, some from an American military unit, some from an Indian military unit, stumble into a nest of vampire zombies.

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Source: Splash Page