MPAA Rating for Infestation


Opening in the UK first?

Icon Productions’ “giant alien bugs” tale Infestation was submitted to the MPAA recently and it was kicked back with an official R rating for “violence, language and brief nudity.” The rating can only mean one thing: The film is locked and ready to roll.

That’s good news considering our last report on the film was in July of 2007 (here) when casting on Kyle Rankin’s horror-comedy began. There hasn’t been a peep since then. No photos. No teaser. Only a website and early poster art. Apparently, the UK will get the film first when it bows in October. Not a lick of info yet on a U.S. release.

Starring Chris Marquette (Fanboys), Brooke Nevin (The Comebacks) and Ray Wise (Jeepers Creepers 2), Infestation tells of a slacker who awakens to a world overtaken by the aforementioned mutant alien insects.