Now Hiring at Netherbeast Incorporated


Starring Judd Nelson and Dave Foley

Producer Brian Ronalds tells us his horror-comedy Netherbeast Incorporated, directed by Dean Matthew Ronalds, is heading to DVD on December 9th via Shoreline Entertainment and Well Go USA following a theatrical screening September 12th at Harkins Valley Art in Tempe, Arizona.

Starring Judd Nelson, Dave Foley, Jason Mewes, Steve Burns, Amy Davidson and Robert Wagnerhas, the film is “a quirky twist of the vampire tale set in modern day corporate America where employees of the company have kept a family secret for years,” explains Ronalds. “Their undead corporation threatens to unravel after the boss hires outside help, humans. The working stiffs of the office are more than they appear to be.”

For more details, visit the official site. Dean Ronalds is also co-producing and starring in Brian Pulido’s directorial debut The Graves.

Source: Official Site