Three Clips from Nightmare Before Christmas DVD


Flying in August 26th

Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector’s Edition arrives next week (our advance copy arrived, it’s a beauty) and in anticipation of its release, we’ve received three clips from the 3-disc set’s bonus features. Scroll down for the full list of extras and enjoy the preview!

Clip #1: Jack’s Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour

Clip #2: “The Process”

Clip #3: Tim Burton’s Original Poem


• NEW! What’s This? Jack’s Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour – Viewers choose the way they want to tour Disneyland’s Holiday Haunted Mansion. “On Track” explores a tricked-out version of the Haunted Mansion, while “Off Track” reveals what went into creating all the

creepy fun.

• NEW! Tim Burton’s Original poem narrated by Christopher Lee – Tim Burton’s poem that inspired the creation of the movie. Now, the original verse comes to creepy life as performed by legendary actor Christopher Lee.

• NEW! Film Commentary – commentary by producer and writer Tim Burton, director Henry Selick and composer Danny Elfman.

• NEW Introduction To Frankenweenie! – A new un-cut version introduction by Tim Burton.

• The Making of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – Go behind the scenes of

the very first full-length stop motion animated movie with the filmmakers.

• The Worlds of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – Witness the creation of

the film’s richly imagined dreamscapes, including Halloween Town, Christmas Town and the Real World.

• Deleted Scenes

• Storyboard to Film Comparison

• Original Theatrical Trailers and Posters

• PLUS Tim Burton’s Complete Short Film Vincent

Source: Walt Disney Pictures