Kirschner, Mancini on Child’s Play Remake


Don’t expect it until 2010

Producer David Kirschner and Chucky creator Don Mancini updated AICN on their proposed Child’s Play remake which we first alerted you on last October. As specified before, Mancini will write and direct the reboot.

Mancini tells the site, “I think what we are mainly responding to, David and I, is the will of the fans, which is really telling us that they want to see a scary Chucky movie again. They want to go back to the straightforward horror rather than the horror comedy.”

And don’t fret, Kirschner assures fans Brad Dourif will return as the voice of the killer doll who has appeared in four sequels since the original Child’s Play opened in 1988.

“Who would you get that’s better?” Kirschner questions. “I mean with Chucky so much of it…and David and I talk about this a lot, that because he’s a puppet, there’s an aspect of him that feels like he’s an animated character, so his voice is such an immense part of it as well as what he looks like. It’s almost like recasting Homer Simpson or something. If you could recast it, you would want the actor to sound kind of like it, but it would feel weird to just be completely different I think.”

Mancini adds deals with Universal are being locked down now and that the new film will likely hit in 2010. For the full interview click here!

Source: AICN